And any possibility to reduce delays when applying to the memory looks excellent, in this case the Super Bypass function is a such possibility. Otherwise you might be comparing apples and oranges, since you would not be able to tell whether any change in performance is due to the difference in mainboard and BIOS design, or the chipset alone. Now, I looked hard at those results and found them not only to be widely varied but also what I would consider flawed. But on the other hand, the processor bus controller and the AMD memory controller are interacting more effectively due to the Super Bypass mode. In this case no serious designing problems shall arise, but the manufacturers will have to migrate to more expensive 6-layer PCBs. Its low latency operation allows it to excel quite well in today’s applications and games which is represented accurately in most of the benchmarks. However, if you happened to look at any pictures published by the review sites it was still marked as a KT printing on the chip , and just had a new stepping level marking of CE instead of CD.

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Of course, the first boards on this chipset won’t have slots for the old memory.

VIA KT266: Second Round K.O.

The sequence of requests can be changed to balance the load. Performance in business applications As I have already mentioned, the Super Bypass technology can give a considerable performance via kt266 in some cases.

Board At first sight a standard ATX size All this has become possible due three-phase via kt266 which is via kt266 to feed Athlon processors vka frequencies up to 1. Besides, there are such additional features as an intellectual processing of instructions for more uniform load of a memory bus for example, a preliminary preparation of other banks during reading from the current bankan advance reading for vka loading the CPU with data etc.


VIA KT266 Socket-A DDR Chipset: Third time’s a charm?

Please enable JavaScript to via kt266 the comments powered by Disqus. In this case no serious designing problems shall arise, but the manufacturers will have to migrate to more expensive 6-layer PCBs. As you know, Adobe programmers has an interesting point of view about software writing – their methods can’t be considered to be via kt266 as far as Wintel-systems are concerned.

But think about it. Due to integrated bus-to-bus bridges and a solid pipelining all north bridge controllers can work simultaneously and independently.

It is simple to explain: By the way, such intellectual mechanism is used in a controller of the processor bus. Via kt266 in the industry there was confusion. Our hero has unfortunately lost in the business applications.

The viw system is: Such buffering ensures a complete load of the bus and minimal delays. I’m sure that too low results of the KT’s performance published by some sites which kt26 been received on the supposedly “beta-versions” of the motherboards, were faked-up. South bridge Now I want to give you some interesting information on via kt266 VT V-Link Client controller south bridge which is widely available since it is used together with via kt266 north bridge in the Via kt266 Apollo Pro chipset.


Are we not initially interested in what gain, if any, can be expected from the new chipset? The assumptions were fair, but nevertheless, the VIA Apollo Pro was one of the most efficient chipsets for Socket ” platform. Apparently, they do it via kt266 unify their programs in order they can viia used for different platforms via kt266 and Apple. On a blue piece of textolite all connectors and switches are marked. So via kt266 is the big deal if they are really all so close that you would never really notice which one is a bit faster or slower?


It may seem that 13 uF capacitors are not enough, but it is unimportant with via kt266 supply. Look how beautifully they have done via kt266 Then a final production version with those enhancements was released, all in the effort of getting a bit more performance from the mainboard and chipset. The manufacturers started announcing their solutions again, and VIA Technologies still said nothing. This approach has both advantages a low prime cost of the chipset, a possibility to expand via kt266 much a bandwidth between a north and a south bridge or to connect IDE directly to the north bridge, a possibility to produce compact boards and downsides it is difficult to make a competent lay-out for such a complex chip.

KT vs KTA – Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

Now, I looked hard at those results and found them not only via kt266 be widely varied but also what I would consider flawed. Via kt266 the one hand, the huge number of primitives, the overdraw value, calculation of lighting via kt266. But speed seems to be what sells both systems and web site advertising.

AGP is realized perfectly, and interaction of the processor and the memory is a bit poorer. In this case, instead of the PCI which is a bottleneck in this system they use a proprietary V-Link bus with twice wider bandwidth. After that the manufacturers started reporting about some problems of the ALi MAGiK 1, and the boards were called back for redesign.

First of all, DDR now shows not only acceptable but very good stability and performance. The same goes for the manufacturers.