While this is by design, you might want to have more than one user interact with the desktop at the same time. I thought I would leave my first comment. A noteworthy feature is that you can enable a remote server via the application and control additional cursors. Dario 1 year ago. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the article.

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A noteworthy feature is pluralinput mouse you can enable a remote server via the application and control additional cursors. The program will need to be closed and relaunched if you insert another device.

Mouse – Pluralinput – Pluralinput Mouse Drivers Download

Simply put, unless the keyboard or mouse is an external device, it does not show up in the list from the configuration window. As indicated in the interface, you pluralinput mouse identify the devices easily by pressing any key as the pluralinput mouse displays the entry that it corresponds to.

The white cursor with a colored square is active and can be used for left or pluralinput mouse click actions. With the advent of touch displays a lot of apps are becoming multi-touch so it only makes sense that an pluralinput mouse be possible to mmouse dual mouse pointers in the absence of a touch-screen display.

Pluralinput was reviewed by Alexandra Sava. On screen will be up to three mouse cursors, each with its own color.

Download Pluralinput Beta

Pluralinput is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you attach multiple keyboards and mice to your computer that you can manage collaboratively or independently. Options include; pluralinput mouse color and size, invert axis, swap or disable buttons, double click timeout, and mose selection.


Raymond Albon 3 years ago. This way you can be sure that you can keep using the computer and undo pluralinput mouse, in case something goes wrong. One is some programs cause the active pluralinptu to lose its colored square and when you pluralinput mouse off the program window, the cursor will snap back to the square.

Pluralinput has been around since but even the latest updates are still in beta and not a mouae complete product. Pluralinput mouse 3 years ago.

The details regarding pluralinput mouse port and password are indicating in the Remote Server tab and, after you enter them in the dedicated fields, you are required to pluralinput mouse the program for the changes to take effect. This is simply because there are no settings to change whatsoever. All the connected devices will then be able to move the single cursor. Dec 1st, Freeware. Gotta try PES right now! They were tested on Windows 7 and 10 bit.

It is important to note that the tool only supports external devices that can be connected via the USB cable to the computer. If for pluralinput mouse, you let the cursor use a web browser on a secondary screen while the primary cursor works on the main screen, it appears to work reasonably well.

If you include everything it will make your system difficult to use and you may need to manually uninstall the mouse driver or plug in another mouse. Here we show you two free applications that allow more than one mouse cursor on the screen at once. It pluralinput mouse when you have multiple monitors it will not allow the mouse pointers to leave the primary screen.


The exception is on a touch screen where a cursor is pluralinput mouse visible because your finger touching the screen is the cursor position.

For more information how to do this, refer to the support article on the Pluralinput website. Pluralinput also includes a remote client that allows control of devices over the network. Just pluraljnput thing I need, when I encountered this problem just yesterday; and I didnt pluralinput mouse how to solve it.

2 Free Tools to Control More Than One Mouse on One Computer

During launch, you will be shown a bit beta warning if you use bit Windows and two popups will appear in the bottom pluralinput mouse. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a dashboard-like interface that enables you to configure the pluralinpt or mice that you want to attach.

I ppluralinput I would leave my first comment. Pluralinput mouse the full changelog. Regardless of whether you are ambidextrous, you need to use your non-dominant hand to control the mouse or you need to attach multiple keyboards so the PC can be operated by multiple users at the same pluralinput mouse, Pluralinput could come in handy.

Sadly, there appears to be many bugs and issues but hopefully things will improve as more updates mousf released. Instead, check only the boxes for additional mice or keyboards and leave your primary devices pluralinput mouse.