Our experience was that with MP3 or other format ripped music files, the output level could be very low, and there is not enough dynamic range. Your username or email address: Anyway, I like the sound well enough despite its supposedly massive shortcomings that others talk about. Had I received a defective one? I’m not aware of any advantage to higher output impedance unless the headphones were specifically designed for it–but even then the design impedance would rarely match the output impedance, so what’s the point? I’ll be looking at your website in the interim for that DAC.

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NuForce Icon uDAC-2 (Black) USB DAC (24bit/96kHz) and Headphone Amplifier

It’s not a case of “apples and oranges” as you suggest. I’m writing up my FiiO E7 review now. I do not have a channel imbalance issue with my uDac 2. Nuforce udac 2 very reasonably priced now, with prices way down in just a couple of years.

Which one is right and which values are ideal for armature IEM’s? So it’s only a partial picture of the total performance and not enough to determine if the DACs would be audibly transparent. Anonymous June 1, nuforce udac 2 8: I’m providing a link to that review’s measurements section be sure nuforce udac 2 read through to the end. FrodoNov 8, It’s a shame it’s such a dog in the looks department, what with that black plastic volume wheel and weird-shaped enclosure.


I don’t use headphones, so it’s a relief. So the Icon is a desk ornament until it gets recycled to scrap.

NwAvGuy: NuForce uDAC-2 Drama

Cons – Boring, a bit distorted, sound. Another reviewer received a unit that had some sort of “crackly, noisy sound quality”. That’s a good question Vittau.

It sounds really good when I hook it nuforce udac 2 to my headphone amp and my HD The E-Mu is also kind of big to try and hang off the back of a slim all-in-one panel PC.

Unlike buforce boutique DAC manufactures, they have an office in the USA, a decent website, and people have said good things about their customer service. The circuit design nuforce udac 2 a lot to do with this issue, not just the nuforce udac 2 volume control used. Still it seems like they are making excuses for relatively cheap fixes.

I guess what I want to know now is: Does it suffer from bad engineering too? This agrees with my subjective review of the noise earlier”:.

Even the line outputs clip. It cut through the hashy sound typical of most poorly recorded music to smooth out all the rough spots.


Anonymous Nuflrce 31, at The same is true if they have really power hungry low sensitivity headphones. Cons – Poor QC, mediocre support.

In fact, the more I listened to the uDAC-2, the more my impression grew that this component was, in the words of Sade Adu, a “smooth operator. NwAvGuy March nuforce udac 2, at 1: The UCA is not a high quality device. Bass is more snappy, mids more natural and highs are now nice and crisp.

Nufotce, I hadn’t really listen to vocal classical for a while, so I popped in Nuforce udac 2 Kaufmann’s Verismo CD, nutorce noticed his voice was getting quite ugly in the louder passages.

It’s not a bad purchase because someone nuforce udac 2 it, any more than a road is a bad drive once someone maps it. They made several changes downgrading the specs for the uDAC-2 after this article was published.