You will need to confirm the segment manually. View full list of Translation Management Software. You might need to do this if you synchronized the affected document or documents while this tab was open. All-in-one package, with one simple price you get everything for freelance work, no hidden costs or surprises later for “extras”. They prefer to surround themselves with people that pat them on the back for some reason instead of looking at criticism from users and the reality of the market.

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In the case of project package formats, translation file and translation memory exchange generally work well, but other package information such as terminology or settings data may not be transferable. There are two types of change marks:.

If you choose the old version the one that was overwritten during the conflict resolutionthe segment content will be replaced and the conflict mark removed.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Translation and Localization, employees.

We also offer demos for memoQ server, a full-fledged enterprise translation management system that comprises a repository for your translation assets, a control center for your translation projects and a hub for collaborative translation projects.

Their ELM licencing system distorts the market and encourages unfair competition from translators who do not want to invest in tools and agencies that prefer to work with cheaper translators that rely on them for mekoq etc. They prefer to surround themselves with people that pat them on the back for some reason instead of looking at criticism from users and the reality of the market. In every project, I’ve done for clients, I’ve had issues.


The lower part of the tab lists the segments with change marks.

I can’t vouch for the quality when it comes to long texts as I only used it for app store localiztion and there were some errors in those little bits of text. On the other hand, you cannot access the translation memories and the term bases from this tab. Makes my work a lot more efficient.

This marks a change in the segment that was made by you, and was saved to the server. The latest version, 8.

memoQ Reviews and Pricing –

Linguists who do not have a copy can use the online version, but there is no spellchecker option which is VITAL to a translation project. If you want to clear the change mark from a segment, tick the corresponding check box in the Dismiss column. I think the only problem is its high cost.

Today it is available in desktop versions for translators Translator Pro edition [15] and project managers Project Manager edition [16] as well as site-installed and hosted server applications [17] [18] [19] offering integration with the desktop versions and a web browser interface [20]. In the last column, there is a Dismiss check box for each segment.

memoQ Help – Resolve changes and conflicts

Click this mark to invoke the Resolve conflicts dialog: Use The lower part of the tab lists the segments with change marks. As a professional freelance translator, using MemoQ allows to expand my customer base by catering to agencies and clients that work exclusively with this software. Satisfied with the results. More agencies and switching to MemoQ; Trados still dominates but seems to be losing ground.


Navigation You can navigate the list using the mouse or the keyboard. MemoQ – Intuitive and efficient tool. I would expect that memoQ would have a web-based platform for translation agencies by now, but don’t think they do. Whatever text you had in this segment is gone, and it is memo by the text written by the other user.

The mfmoq of memoQ have followed a fairly consistent policy of interoperability or functional compatibility with similar software tools or processes involving translation by other means through both the implementation of standards such as XLIFF and TMX, handling proprietary formats of other translation-support tools and providing exchange formats easily handled in other environments.

During the download, memoQ will encounter msmoq that were changed by others. I take issue with the “Waste of Money” review. Not the most intuitive.

Using Mrmoq Q has helped me to become a more efficient and consistent translator. There are two types of change marks: It contains enough features for a professional and is stable.