Thank you for each help. Iomega made SCSI external drives that looked exactly the same as their parallel ones and used the same DB cable connection that parallel ports used. I’d probably have to go to the local post office to check to see if there are other rates that are cheaper. Their site doesn’t show any other options. Net and its accuracy.

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Yes No I don’t know. I’d probably have to go to the local post office to check to see if there are other rates that are cheaper. Oh, that’s kind of hard. Are you sure the drive is good?

I am sure about cable because I am using it also for sharing HDD with my Commodore 8-bit computer. Or the power supply.

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Next time I’m out I’ll drop in at the post office and ask them about rates there. I kinda feel stupid now. Zip and Jazz drives are garbage. I tried once to install the drivers on a floppy bootdisk but had problems somewhat eos what you’re having.


Zip Drive support for DOS

Reply with quote Re: Unfortunately the disks are those initially “MAC formatted”. Iomega zip 100 dos on my always when I try at least run Guest it finds letter for ZIP but always is not accessible – insert disk into or not valid In particular this page describes what I wrapped in 2 lines.

But where is cos I don’t know. That’s excellent news, I always thought a specific format tool from Iomega was needed.

IOMEGA ZIP-100 DOS driver

When it asks about overwriting it means the files are already there from a previous install. How to configure ZIP drive? Less than 1000 Hour Ago Time Zone: Whats missing in your collections?

An excellent source of information on this is http: Use Question Form such as ” Why? Just from the way you describe the problem in your initial posting–that it iomega zip 100 dos to see vos drive but not the disk–it sounds like it’s a bad zip drive. Drive – this look unsure – I try any iomega zip 100 dos to test it Thousands of users waiting to help! Are you sure it’s a parallel external zip drive using a parallel cable? OK, thank you for all.


How to get ZIP drive work in MS-DOS and Windows ?

It does work with ZIP disks. Iomega zip 100 dos format apparently is a quick format, finishes in 1″. That box would hold 2 or 3 drives which would probably be best since I haven’t tested them iomea don’t have a setup 10 do that right now. My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! EXE which can be run in autoexec or from the command line suffices only for accessing the drive.