Hi, my printer Xerox Pb, when I print they got noisy sound. I have put in a new cartridge and it still not printing and light is still showing yellow, what can I do?! This does not sound like a printer problem if the three pages are printing correctly. If that doesn’t work delete the software driver and re install it. Not sure what the lights were doing as it was a couple of years ago, but when I turned it on there was no sound or movement of any kind.

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Roger RogerLea replied on Dec 20, This happened to me after one year.

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That mean my pb is dead, right? RogerLea replied on Jan 05, Roger RogerLea p2205 on Jan 05, RogerLea replied on Aug 21, Like a Inkjet printer, some kind of clicks sound and the sound of some part in printer is slided But not the same to my pb.


Dear Abby, Seems to me you have done all you can. RogerLea replied on Jun 14, RogerLea replied on Nov 14, It is a very good, simple printer and shouldn’t have any problems. May I ask something?

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint PB Questions & Answers –

Thanks Vajira asked on Dec 27, RogerLea replied on Sep 20, I rang Fuji Xerox who asked me to do a few tests, then they told me it was dead.

Hi Jack, Yes I have had the same issue some time ago. If that doesn’t work take the printer back to where you bought printed and ask them to check. Claude asked on Sep 20, Buy another printer because I don’t understand you question.

After turn the power on, green led show on and one time blinking in red led and have no any process after turn power on.

Suggest you ensure the new cartridge of TONER has been inserted correctly and the yellow retaining handle is in the horizontal position. What can xxerox do to make it print all paper at the same time until it finish printing? Stan asked on Apr 14, Dilip Dhruv asked on Sep 15, Jack frost asked on Oct 10, RogerLea replied on Sep 06, Yahya asked on Oct 15, I will try this and will let you know.

New Drivers  AOC SAT2 MV8 DRIVER

DocuPrint P205b

Claude, I would disconnect the printer from your PC then reconnect everything with the container in. Good luck – Roger.

How long do they last? Hi Claude, 3 years doesn’t seem a long time if you are not using your printer a lot.

printet Do you think my printer is old ? Make sure the cable to your PC is in the correct PC outlet. Goodness Meowdragon, I haven’t seen that before.

FinnJake asked on Sep 06,