Continue to next page 01 Overall, on average LaCie would consider colour fidelity to be excellent here, but there was some slight difference which was a shame. It would have been nice to see a height adjustment included from the stand, although expect it was left out for the sake of cost. Switching to this 2. The screen itself is finished in a glossy black plastic. Below the buttons is a slightly larger power button that flashes orange when the monitor is in standby mode and glows a light green when powered on.

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Being W-LED backlit, the screen is ew242 very eco-friendly, so you benq ew2420 doing your bit for the environment benq ew2420 using a screen like this. This mode cannot be used to deliver a higher luminance point than this.

The input lag did range between 10 and 30ms commonly, but 30ms was recorded as the maximum.

Colours felt quite even and vivid to the naked eye. We benq ew2420 see a lot of blooming around text with both blue and pink fonts on a black background. Benq ew2420 your environment isn’t full of bright lights that the glossy screen will reflect, then it’s a good choice.

Matte Pixel response rate: This can be particularly problematic in dark benq ew2420 and where grey tone is important. Again, you cannot beqn control the RGB channels in this preset or change the colour mode as it is a pre-defined sRGB setup.

The inbuilt ECO mode preset can also help you reduce energy consumption which is handy. This ea2420 poor responsiveness unfortunately and not really suitable for any fast moving scenes in movies and games. Vertically they were a bit more restrictive with a fairly noticeable contrast shift detectable benq ew2420 even a slight movement up or down.


Out of interest, I benq ew2420 tested the “photo” preset mode at factory settings.

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It would have been nice ew22420 see a height adjustment included from the stand, although expect it was left out for the sake of cost. In standby, the screens power consumption was only 1. Laptop Benq ew2420 Parts Database. Colour gradients were pretty smooth with no banding visible.

There are no specific ‘text’ or ‘internet’ benq ew2420 available from the Senseye menu, so you will probably want to calibrate the standard or sRGB modes to benq ew2420 lower luminance, or just use the ECO mode option.

The neck of sw2420 footstand includes a cable router on the back that resembles a soda can’s flip-top opener. Unfortunately, flipping it doesn’t reveal a corn-syrup-enriched, sugary, teeth-rotting beverage; only benq ew2420 space for routing your cables.

The whole screen is very light at about 3. The EW faltered on a few benq ew2420 our color tests, the color scales test in particular.

The digital interfaces are also HDCP compatible. A white measurement shows benq ew2420 luminance uniformity is a little brighter towards the bottom edge of the screen as well. We will look at this a little later on in the responsiveness section.

It does however give a nice crisp feel to the image and I expect many people will like it. Default Settings, photo preset. Benq ew2420 not benq ew2420 full glossy solution and so does not suffer from the reflections and issues that some find beq that panel coating method.


From the right side, the five vertically benq ew2420 Bena buttons are clearly visible, each about. Keep in mind that DCR figures are often exagerated as a result, and since you will probably never get to utlise the full figure in practice, don’t be fooled into buying into the hype too much!

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As you can see from the PixPerAn test images, the monitor does behave quite differently depending on whether you activate this technology. Pros Cons Fantastic benw depth and contrast ratio Moderate responsiveness Decent interface options and features Viewing angles are ok but not great Very competitive price point in sector Some uniformity issues may vary For further information and reviews of the BenQ EW, please visit Testfreaks.

With a static benq ew2420 ratio as high as it is, you may not need it though. Each button convincingly presses and depresses with an audible pop. But in real applications, for example when watching a movie, there are no absolutely black frames even in benq ew2420 credits.

The angles benq ew2420 certainly better than TN Film matrices in these regards, and free of the obvious vertical darkening you see from Benq ew2420 Film technology. Text was readable, but clarity was lost.