Oracle OID or Openldap can used, but are complicated to setup. Also check the permission. Tools linked with Instant Client are always “remote” from any database server and an Oracle Net connection identifier must be used along with a username and password. I use ldap for general consumption and tnsnames. If using tnsManager append ‘. This installations will provide you the oci. To enable them you need to set oci8.

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Shyamkkhadka 2 10 This tells Oracle to use External or OS authentication, which must be configured in the database. I have another resolution. Error -1 title issue. You can also enter a connect descriptor. This Article is based on Solarisfor Linux click here.

Oracle Database 10g Release 1 Confirm using the phpinfo function. Oracle connection information is passed to OCILogon to create a connection.

OBIEE 10G/11G – Oracle Call Interface (OCI) configuration [Gerardnico]

In 11g locally, you must set this environment variable in the file bi-init. Using ldap for Oracle name resolution: Confirm using the phpinfo. Load the script into a browser using a URL similar to ” http: The connection occi is likely to be well known for established Oracle databases. Here is a simple PHP script: In the password file, use the ‘SetEnvIf’ directive to enable the Environment variables by directory only or within a specific file.


So far I am able to perform tnsping to the oracle ock.

Unfortunately using the ‘SetEnv’ solution exposes your connection information to all users of that virtual host. Upgrade ocl Oracle client to a version that is I was able to workaround the issue by passing a tns connect string: Also check the permission.

With new systems the information is given by the Oracle installation program when the database is set up.

From Oracle 11 gthe syntax is: One of the strongest and most significant features in PHP is its support for a wide range of databases. Privileged connections are disabled by default. Software Components tested in this Article Software. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie 1g0Privacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I opened Toad with run as administratorprivilege and the problem get solved.

Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 for Linux

To enable them you need to set oci8. When you are using Oracle 9.


Found the solution myself. If you are only using ldap, tnsnames.

If they run phpinfo. This sets the upper time limit for establishing a connection right through to the DB, including the time for attempts to connect to other services.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.